View from the Top

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This group of rogue photographers illegally scales Toronto’s highrise buildings to capture breathtaking images. We tagged along to find out how and why they do it. From The Grid Magazine BY: David Hains

Ghost City: The Bayview Ghost

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Think development battles and municipal-government inertia are recent phenomena? Behold this epic tale of a controversial apartment-building project that lay incomplete for a staggering 22 years. BY: Jamie Bradburn  THE GRID When East York rejected physician Charles Trow’s offer to sell his 25-acre wooded property south of Leaside to the municipality for use as parkland … Read More

Pinball Cafe closure over having more than two pinball machines highlights absurdity of bylaw bureaucracy at City Hall

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  I’m old enough to remember when video arcades were considered a significant urban blight in Toronto — and not without reason, really. They were like magnets for lowlifes, not least the proprietors. Parents didn’t want their kids anywhere near them — at least no one tries to sell them weed when they’re locked in the … Read More

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