How single women – and what they want – are shaping the new housing market

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“Women, particularly those in their 20s, have become a dominant force in the condo market, representing approximately one-third of all sales in several Canadian cities. Developers have taken note, and are responding by designing buildings and individual units to suit their tastes and interests, whether it’s improving the quality of lighting, or installing security cameras in … Read More

Always get real estate details in writing

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December 14, 2012 Mark Weisleder There is a reason why real estate deals have to be in writing. Things said, but not written down, are open to interpretation and misunderstanding later as a decade old case in Brampton illustrates. In this instance, the discussions meant the end of a real estate contract and eight years of … Read More

A flood of misinformation: #Title insurance is not a home warranty

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Here’s an interesting article that helps explain what Title Insurance is. National Post December 10th, 2012 Mike Holmes – There’s a lot of confusion about title insurance. Some people call title insurance the “surprise” insurance because they assume it covers any surprises with the property they’re buying. It’s only when there’s a problem that homeowners actually … Read More

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