You don’t only need a Broker or agent. Our experience and network allows us to be your “GATEWAY” to a needed and trustworthy team of professionals and providers.

These are some of the businesses that our current and past clients own and operate.


Snider & DiGregorio

978 Kingston Road
Toronto, ON
M4E 1S9
(416) 699-0424


At Snider & DiGregorio, we specialize in the purchase and sale of residential homes or commercial properties, and in the remortgaging of properties. If you have purchased or sold a home or investment property, or if you are remortgaging a property, you need a legal expert to guide you through the process of finalizing your transaction. You need a lawyer who will protect your interests at every step of way and who will ensure you are kept informed and satisfied. At Snider & DiGregorio we provide outstanding service to our Real Estate clients by acting as your trusted advisor on all matters related to the finalization of your transaction. By completing a series of legal inquiries, title searching and extensive fact checking, we ensure that the transaction is stress-free and closes on time and on budget. At Snider & DiGregorio your transaction will be given personal attention by our lawyers, who are available to our clients throughout the process. Let us make your Real Estate transaction a satisfying and cost effective experience for you!

Korman and Company

721 Queen Street East,
Toronto, ON
M4M 1H1


Our firm provides personalized services with the goal of finding creative, result oriented solutions while always striving to protect our clients best interest. We trust you will find peace of mind when working with us.

Dashwood & Dashwood

961 Kingston Rd
Toronto, ON
M4E 1S8
(416) 690-7222


Dashwood & Dashwood provides clients with basic legal service and advice for real estate, wills, and estates in timely, cost-effective, and socially responsible fashion.


Carson and Dunlop

120 Carlton Street, Suite 407
Toronto, ON
M5A 4K2


Carson Dunlop is a consulting engineering firm that has been dedicated to home inspection since it was founded in 1978. Starting from a time when home inspection was an unknown quantity in Canada, we have grown to become Canada’s oldest and largest independent home inspection company. We have also diversified to become a uniquely integrated company, creating a number of related businesses all built on our home inspection foundation.

Baker Street Home Inspection Service

3335 Yonge Street, Suite 402
Toronto, Ontario, M4N 2M1
Tel – (416) 483-3535
Fax – (416) 483-9756


Baker Street Home Inspection Services has been providing accurate and insightful information to our valued clients since 1985. Since then, we have performed over 50,000 home inspections to the satisfaction of our valued clients.

Whether you are buying an older house, buying new from a builder or request us to solve a problem with the house you own, our inspection and consulting services are focused on your individual requirements. For that reason, no two inspections or consultations are ever alike. That is why we encourage you to attend the inspection so that you may effectively communicate your ideas to us.

Once our initial service is complete we remain available to you for additional telephone advice indefinitely. Think of Baker Street as your home care consultant for as long as you own your home.

GWM Home Inspections Inc.

Call George Mino at GWM

At GWM our Inspectors have passed a Ministry approved course that was developed and taught by Home Inspectors. The curriculum is recognized by the Government and the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors. We are covered by Errors & Omissions and Liability Insurances. Our company is dedicated to representing only our client, and will always act in good faith toward the client. We avoid all conflicts of interest by making home inspections our only business. The information in our inspection report will be confidential and not disclosed to any other party without the approval of the client.

Once our initial service is complete we remain available to you for additional telephone advice indefinitely. Think of Baker Street as your home care consultant for as long as you own your home.

Our Friends & Additional Service Providers


Wineonline Marketing Company Ltd, was launched in May 2004 with the goal of making quality wines more accessible to wine lovers. Starting with the Ontario marketplace, and now expanded into Alberta (with other provinces soon to follow), we take great pride in the quality of our products and services, and ultimately, satisfying our customers at every available opportunity.


Top Notch Renovations

Get quality work done at fair prices! We are a strong team of experienced trades men that have recently left major contracting firms to form Top Notch Renovations. Get an honest, well completed job done for below average rates.


Omega Health and Fitness

A cutting edge facility based in the Toronto Beaches, Omega Health and Fitness combines top quality treatment with medically supervised personal training. The result: achieving your ultimate goals.


Endless Films

Whether you want an educational video for your organization, a commercial for your product or are simply looking to film an interview or client testimonial for your business, we will approach your project with enthusiasm, professionalism and know-how.


Fine Recycling and Disposal Services

Founded in 1999 with the vision of providing comprehensive recycling & waste removal services to the commercial / industrial sector. We provide a one-stop solution and a single point of contact to responsibly handle a company’s entire waste stream.



KISSIFIT is a full service training style which ensures that physical, mental and nutritional education go hand and hand in assisting you on your journey to a healthier you. The KISSIFIT style, by fusing mental with physical, allows you to push beyond what you may feel is your limit and exceed it. KISSIFIT training isn’t just about getting results, it’s about changing the way you view exercise. It’s about awakening a mentally sharper and alert you. It’s about becoming more health conscious, understanding healthy eating and how easy it really is to live a healthy lifestyle.


The Emmet Ray

“Sometimes I like to drink whiskey, right now is sometimes.”


The Dock Ellis

“A Sports Bar that’s not really a sports bar”