Residential Investing

Congratulations on being in a position to buy a Toronto investment property! It’s not easy these days to make a good and safe return on your money. Nor is Toronto an easy place to afford buying property. We are actually one of the most expensive places in the world to buy! Along with our high property prices, a twenty percent down payment is typical, plus the double land transfer tax, and additional closing fees. The good news is that there are still opportunities out there to make a lot of money.
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For the past few years, Residential Investment properties have come to account for a large percentage of the work done by Pad to Pad. There are not many agents out there who have a focus in investment properties. We have a close and watchful eye on these properties at all times; it seems that every couple of months we are involved in another deal. Once we better understand your investment goals, Pad to Pad can confidently point you in the right direction. Despite the large costs involved, the reward Toronto Real Estate can offer you is very attractive. For example, a $200,000 investment will buy you a downtown 4-Plex that can earn more than $4,500 in monthly gross rental income. This will leave you a potential $12,000 per year in cash flow, after expenses and mortgages. Also, if you expect the same type of market return as recent years, that means your property will go up in value about $30,000-$50,000 per year. Also, throughout the year your tenants have been paying down your mortgage, another approximate $5000 – $10,000 in passive income per year. Added all together, this is an approximate 30% return on your money, in the world’s most safe and secure investment. In the last five years, Derek Kaiser of Pad to Pad has tried to do as much as he could, as fast as he could. He has a very simple rule when it comes to buying property: If you can buy, then you should buy. Together, with his brother, Derek has purchased a family home in Riverdale, a Triplex in Leslieville, a Duplex in Little Portugal, 4 acres on waterfront up North, a downtown whisky bar called the Emmet Ray, and a sports bar called The Dock Ellis. Please be in touch, we are excited to meet with you and listen to your investment plans. In the meantime, please look through the links for more investment information. Once you come to understand the possibilities and rewards of Toronto Real Estate, you will let nothing get in your way of having this coveted ace-in-the-hole investment.

Commercial Investing

Buying and selling Commercial property is a different animal than that of its Residential counterparts, and the Pad to Pad team is fortunate enough to be part of the Royal LePage network of Realtors© and Brokers. Since Royal LePage was one of the pioneers in commercial growth and development in Canadian real estate, Commercial investors can rest assured that they will be receiving the top level of service from Pad to Pad in any and all of their Commercial endeavors.

Please be in touch to discuss ways in which we can help with any of your Commercial and Investment Real Estate needs.

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