People are often surprised to hear that Pad to Pad can assist in finding you places to rent.

We typically help about 3 people a year find rental accommodations. We are also able to help you with commercial space for lease, which is much more complicated than a standard residential condo or apartment.

The one major difference between finding rental spaces versus selling or buying property, is that there are many more private listings when it comes to Rental Advertisements. The Toronto Real Estate Boards Multiple Listing Service (MLS system) accounts for only a small percentage of available listings. There is plenty of competition from the likes of CraigsList, Kijiji,, newspapers and private for rent signs outside of available properties.

If you are knowledgeable about neighbourhood rental prices, then you will have better luck finding a good deal privately. The reason for this being the properties listed on Pad to Pad’s system have agents representing the landlord against whom we will need to negotiate. Therefore, unless they are desperate, which in today’s hot rental market is very unlikely, then you will be forced to act quickly at market prices. The good news is that you can rest assured that your best interests are being protected, and that any deposit monies will be held in trust with the Listing Brokerage.

When choosing to work with Pad to Pad on available MLS listings, the landlord will cover all of our professional service fees. Together we can choose your top property selections from those available, and one of us can book a private showings tour at your earliest convenience. Once you choose the place you want to rent, Pad to Pad will negotiate a price for you and draw up the lease agreement, deliver your deposit, and make sure you get the keys. It is best for you to start your search about 4-5 weeks before you are ready to move. There is no harm in looking sooner, however, it’s harder to find your requested move-in date if you start too early.

On the other side of the coin, you may be a Landlord wanting to rent your apartment for fair market value to a qualified and dependable tenant to be trusted. This can also be done fairly easily and inexpensively through the competitive methods of CraigsList, Kijiji,, newspapers and private for rent signs outside of available properties. If, however, you don’t have experience, or the time – or maybe you are out of town and can’t manage renting it out yourself – then our team can rent the space out for you. The standard fee is the same price as one month’s rent. The fee for service will vary depending on the situation.

Please be in touch, and we will be happy to help with any of your renting needs, concerns or questions.