There have been many stories in the media about agents’ commissions. We would like to take this opportunity to tell you that our commission is negotiable. In the past, we have sold properties for as low as 3.5% and as high as 6%. We have come to believe that agreed upon commissions should be tailored to the special circumstances and characteristics of your property, and the professional offerings you choose to accept from us.

At Pad to Pad, we understand it sounds like a lot of money to make close to $10,000 on an average priced Toronto home. Please know that it’s not easy to take on the responsibility of selling your property for the highest price possible, in the least amount of time, for little to no inconvenience to the Seller. The average among the close to 40,000 Toronto realtors is less than two and a half deals a year. This is well below the national average of Canadian incomes.

Since Pad to Pad’s inception, more than 5 years ago, we have helped an average of between one and two clients per month. This puts us in the Top 10% of all licensed real estate salespeople. We are more than capable of exceeding your expectations when it comes to selling your property.

There is always a better way to market your property in order to get top dollar. Together we will collect all of the necessary information to determine your property’s value and the best marketing strategy to put in place. The first step is to send us a note with your address, and one of us will drop off a pre-listing package within 24 hours, explaining everything you need to know before deciding to sell your property. This way you can be better prepared for any questions and concerns you may have before we meet.

In some circumstances, the full-service marketing method is the best strategy for selling your home. This is the bidding war strategy. This will be explained to you in more detail when we meet. In general, it requires a turn-key renovated property, the use of all marketing methods available, and a very attractive list price for any and all interested Buyers. Pad to Pad will pay for the full package, and take on the risk of getting you top dollar in less than a week. On our list of offerings are Open Houses, Video Tours, Pre-Home Inspections, Floor Plans, Feature Sheets, Staging, and many more marketing tools.

The Good News is that it’s a Seller’s Market. This means that you have the power at the negotiating table. Make sure not to lose this edge by putting yourself in a position of urgency. To avoid this, let’s be sure to get together months before you are ready to put up that For Sale sign.

The Pre-List Package

Everything you need to know when before listing your home for sale

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Costs Related to a Real Estate Transaction

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